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Caravana is an Australian lifestyle brand, inspired and brought to life by countries afar. Beautifully crafted and ethically created, Caravana captures culture, colour and character, bringing you stylish, modern bohemian fashion accessories with a cultural and wanderlust flavour.

Designed in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula, Caravana's collections are a fusion of inspiration - the old with the new, the intricacies of the East, with the sophistication and modern edges of the West. Caravana is known for its use of luxurious leathers, cotton prints, and hand selected ethnic, tribal and vintage textiles from around the globe. Sometimes alone, sometimes a fusion of materials, these creations blur the lines between once was, and what now is.

Caravana deliberately only works with a small group of family suppliers and artisans - fewer than 11 sewing machines - to deliver a product that is authentic, high in quality and supports communities by keeping the work local. Caravana products are ethically made with love and care, a product with history and a story... one that continues on its journey to you. 


  Jackie Jennings Caravana OwnerJackie Jennings Photography ExhibitionJackie Jennings Rajasthan

Jackie Jennings is the passionate creator of Caravana. She doesn’t fit easily into one category; she’s a business owner, a photographer, a mother and a good egg.

When she is not appreciating good vino with friends or merchandising her home, she is creating. She finds inspiration everywhere, but mostly from her travels and the big wild world.

Jackie wants life to be interesting – filled with friends, fun and laughter. She respects art, creators and creations. Jackie’s energy for creating the perfect product is unstoppable. She will go to great lengths to get a product just right, from riding a motorcycle from one Rajasthani village in search of the perfect kantha quilt, to taking Indian textiles and Italian leathers to specialist artisans in Indonesia.

At home on the back of a camel or in the back row of a fashion show, she ebbs and flows with the times, with the trends, while maintaining her core; her signature style, a fusion of cultures, of vintage and modern.

Jackie hopes you enjoy the beautiful array of Caravana products and would like to thank you for making a difference supporting the artisans and families afar who have loved creating these ethically made Caravana products for you...

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