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About Us

CARAVANA is an Australian lifestyle brand, inspired and brought to life by countries afar. Beautifully crafted and created, our brand captures culture, colour and sophistication through our careful selection and design of on trend accessories and beautiful hand crafted home wares. 

The name CARAVANA emulates the nomadic traveller whom is never idle. Constantly on the move, taking their home with them, and gathering people, memories & possessions along their journey. The Caravana product is engineered to such a journey, understanding the needs and constraints of modern life, therefore producing practical, wearable and livable creations.

Caravana embraces a lifestyle. Fusing the best inspiration from the East, to the practicalities and modern edges of the West. We love mixing the old with the new. Sourcing ethnic, tribal, vintage textiles from around the globe, and fusing them with modern functionalities and designs, blurring the lines between what once was, and what now is.

The creative team at Caravana is Mornington Peninsula based, and our love for travel & sourcing the globe for treasures is one which has been prevalent for more than 10 years. After working with a diverse spectrum of Australian brands represented here & internationally, our passion and excitement to bring you our exclusive edit of Caravana product is one which excites & inspires us everyday.

We strive to deliver you a product that has history, a story to tell, that has arisen from its own journey...only to continue on a path to you.

The brand is CARAVANA, come join us on our journey...

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